The Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards 



The Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards (BoHos) recognise UK and international boutique, lifestyle and hybrid hotels for providing excellence in guest experience.

Unlike many other industry awards, the BoHo Awards are not granted based on scores from ivory-tower judges, academics or social popularity contests and votes, but are awarded based on feedback from real guests in the form of online reviews and direct feedback.

The awards are absolutely free to enter, and are held in conjunction with the Boutique + Lifestyle Hotel Summit, Europe’s only B2B boutique and lifestyle hotel conference. 

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What previous entrants say

We have enjoyed the prestige the award has brought us – it’s an international award and looks impressive in our Reception area! Guests comment and ask questions, and we have a chance to show off a little. But more importantly, the BoHo Awards give us the opportunity to rub shoulders and shine with the best: those establishments who put guest reviews first and are happy to compete on that level.

Nikki Swart, Co-owner of Rivonia Bed and Breakfast

The Bohos are a super initiative that actually open up awards to lesser known stars of the industry. They may not have the usual plaudits from Michelin et al but are consistently delivering excellent customer service or facilities in their market without the usual exposure.

Craig S Webb, General Manager of Cotswold House Hotel & Spa

Receiving a BoHo Award is a true testament to the hard work and excellent customer service of the entire team, particularly as it is determined by real guest opinion and feedback. For us, we always aim to provide a unique and exquisite service to everyone that stays at The LaLit London, and it’s great to be recognised for this by our guests.

Viktor Stepanov, Front Of House Manager, The Lalit London

These awards are one of a very few prestigious awards in hospitality in which guest feedback is in the driving seat in determining who gets an award and that makes this specific win, amongst the others Dunalastair has recently achieved, all the more rewarding.

Nassar Khalil, Owner & CEO, Dunalastair Hotel Suites

It’s so nice to be rewarded for the guest feedback. I know there are a lot of awards which acknowledge the hotels’ hard work, but to actually be acknowledged by the guests is amazing.

Sinéad Tierney, General Manager, Tara Lodge

Frequently asked questions


Is my hotel eligible?

The BoHos are are open to any UK or international boutique, lifestyle or hybrid hotel, which can compete in various size and location categories. To enter, you just need to be using a guest feedback partner that can provide verified reviews.


Is entering the BoHo Awards free?

Yes! Entering the BoHos doesn’t cost a thing. Although you do need to be using a guest feedback provider, GuestRevu oofers their services free of charge for the duration of the data collection period.


What happens after I enter?

After you have filled in the short entry form, you will be contacted by a member of the GuestRevu/BoHo Awards support team who will help you collect and submit the guest feedback needed to evaluate your performance.

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