Terms and conditions

1. Entries to the BoHos Awards program

1.1. The BoHos Awards program is open to any UK or international boutique, lifestyle or hybrid hotel.

1.2. To enter and be eligible to win a BoHo Award, establishments must use a recognised reputation management or guest feedback partner that can provide verified reviews.

1.3. Establishments are entered into the Awards program on a voluntary basis.

1.4. If the establishment entered into the Awards program is not a boutique, lifestyle or hybrid hotel, the entry will be disqualified and the establishment will not be eligible to win a BoHo Award. If you are disqualified for any reason, the BoHos team will contact you to inform you of the reason why.

1.5. By voluntarily entering your establishment into the BoHo Awards program, you hereby agree that:

1.5.1. The establishment name may be used by organisers of the Awards program in the promotion of the BoHo Awards program.

1.5.2. The data collected during the awards period may be used in an aggregated and anonymised format for promotional purposes, however details that may lead to the identification of individual guests or establishments will be removed or obscured.

2. Scoring

2.1. When individual scores are shared, they will be done so in such a way that scores will not be associated with identifiable establishments, except in the case of the final overall scores of the winning establishments, which we reserve the right to use for promotional purposes and to announce alongside the winning establishments names.

2.2. In analysing and conducting scoring, representatives from Bournemouth University will only see aggregated scores and statistics from reviews, and not individual scores from guests of any establishment.

2.3. The judges’ decision on BoHo Award winners is final.

3. GDPR data compliance

3.1. All data will be collected, processed and held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

3.2. No personally identifiable guest data from any establishment, however collected, will be shared with anyone.

4. Additional uses of the data

4.1. You hereby agree that this data may also be used by the organisers for the purposes of research, marketing, publishing and/or selling. The organisers will not disclose the identities of any establishment or individual guest in the use of the data.

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