Is my hotel eligible?

The BoHos are are open to any UK or international boutique, lifestyle or hybrid hotel, which can compete in various size and location categories. To enter, you just need to be using a guest feedback partner that can provide verified reviews and guest feedback, or use a free BoHos GuestRevu account for the duration of the awards.


Can hotels that are part of a brand enter the awards?

Yes, hotels that operate under a brand are welcome to enter the BoHos, and if all the hotels that operate under the brand enter the awards, your brand can also compete in the best group brand category.


What is a guest feedback partner?

A guest feedback partner is a third party company, like GuestRevu, that helps you manage your hotel's reviews and collect guest feedback to save you time and money. Feedback partners include products like ReviewPro, Revinate or TrustYou, but do not include comment cards, online review platforms like TripAdvisor or online travel agents like booking.com.


What if I already use a guest feedback partner that is not GuestRevu?

If you are already using a guest feedback partner, then entering the awards will be easy. Once you are registered, you will simply need to supply your data to the awards team during the data collection period. This can be done directly from your guest intelligence system.


Is entering the BoHo Awards free?

Yes! Entering the BoHos doesn’t cost a thing. Although you do need to be using a guest feedback provider, GuestRevu is offering its services free of charge for the duration of the awards. If your hotel is shortlisted, you will even be offered a complimentary ticket to the Boutique + Lifestyle Hotel Summit in London on 22 May 2019.


What happens after I enter?

After you have filled in the entry form, you will be contacted by a member of the GuestRevu/BoHo Awards team who will help you collect and submit the guest feedback needed to evaluate your performance.


I’m not from the UK, can I enter?

Absolutely. There are a number of international categories to be awarded, so hotels from all over the world are not only welcome, but encouraged to enter.


Will my data be safe according to the new European GDPR data protection laws?

The safety of your data is our first priority, and we can assure you that your information will be in safe hands. When your reviews and guest feedback are shared with Bournemouth University, no personal information is provided for consideration and the analysis is based on ratings and scores alone. For more information, see the BoHo Awards terms and conditions.


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Key dates

Entries open
1 Dec 2018

Entries close
31 Jan 2019

Data collection period 
1 Feb to 30 April 2019

Shortlist announced 
3 May 2019

Boutique + Lifestyle Hotel Summit 
22 May 2019

Winners announced at Awards ceremony 
22 May 2019