How do the BoHos Work?



What makes the BoHos so unique is that they are not awarded based on scores from professional critics, judges or academics, but on feedback from real guests. Each hotel’s online reviews and guest feedback is collected over a three-month period using services provided by BoHos’ official partner, GuestRevu, or another guest feedback software provider.

This feedback is then independently aggregated, evaluated, and ranked by students and faculty from the Department of Tourism & Hospitality at Bournemouth University in the UK.

How the BoHos work

Guest gives feedback on stay

Hotel collects feedback

Hotel shares data with BoHos team

Bournemouth University
analyses data

BoHo winners decided


Once you have entered, your hotel’s online reviews and feedback from your own guests will be collected and used to evaluate your performance.

This data unfortunately cannot be collected using comment cards, TripAdvisor or an online travel agent such as, but must be collected using a recognised guest feedback partner such as GuestRevu (which is offering complimentary use of its services to entrants for the duration of the awards) or an alternative such as ReviewPro, Revinate or TrustYou.

This requirement ensures that the data and reviews collected are fair and honest, and are delivered in a format that can be impartially analysed by Bournemouth University.

A number of Property Management Systems (such as Guestline, Mews and Clock) are supporting the awards by offering free integration between their PMS and GuestRevu to participants who choose to use a complimentary GuestRevu account to collect their guest feedback data.

Following the data collection period, your reviews and feedback will be assessed, aggregated and scored by faculty and students at Bournemouth University, and a shortlist of best performing hotels in each category will be announced.

The category and overall winners will be announced shortly thereafter at an awards ceremony held in conjunction with the Boutique + Lifestyle Hotel Summit in London on 22 May 2019, which a representative from each of the shortlisted hotels is invited to attend free of charge.